If you are the kind of person who wants to sincerely be approved for a emergency payday loan you must remember many different things. Including the fact that getting loans are only good for short term use only and loans are not designed to treat long term money woes, therefore even after you recieve approval for a loan, you must continue working hard to get your credit completely on its feet. It is a beautiful thing when you get the loan you want especially if you have been trying to get it for a very long time. Many people know that it is a special event when you are approved for the loan of your choice since on average 79% of all loan applicants worldwide are denied from the funds and funding that they want.  Usually these people have very low income from employment or other sources which makes it hard for lenders to trust that they will be able to pay it back and as such this is the reason those people are denied. Even if your income is good, you can still be denied the funds that you want if you have not boosted up your credit scores and history enough to get approval. Getting a loan can be very and extremely difficult if you do not know how to lift your credit score, and pad your credit history with some worthy items to make lenders and banks start to trust you alittle bit. The bottom line is the  more you can get lenders and banks to trust you the more loan money you can find yourself walking away with. The total amount of course varies by lenders and some lenders will give more than others but the bottom line is that the more you increase the success on your financial profile the easier the lenders will be on you when you apply for funds.