When you are trying to find a loan shark and screaming that you need find a loan shark, it is not always easy to find one of good quality. The reason why is some loan shark are known to resort to different kinds of scams and other bad and often illegal activities to make ends meet and make profits on the funds they are lending you. One of the most important things when you are trying to borrow money and funds from these sharks and lenders is your weekly amount of your income. They want to see that you have a decent amount of funds coming to you on a consistent basis, frequently. Once they see this, you can be approved very shortly for a loan. It can be very simple to be approved using a loan shark, but the problem most people face comes when they do not pay back the lender in a timely fashion. Failure to pay back the loan that you want can result in many different fees and fines and if you are struggling to pay it back for an extended period of time. Excessive failure for 6 months to a year of not paying back the loan you've borrowed can result in garnishment of wages, car repossession, and even home liens if you show your lender you are not actively trying to pay back the money you have borrowed. Even coming up with some kind of payment plan can be very good especially if you are paying on a month to month basis. Many people are finding it easier to pay on a month to month basis instead of on a weak to weak basis and if you are serious you can learn to enjoy this kind of payments too, since it is secure, and easier to handle and also the companies appreciate it more.