Christina Felming, Ontario, CA, 33 years old, Approved for $1000 CAD in 3 minutes with us


Payday king is a illegal company that has been stealing identities and engages in fraudulent transactions that have overdrafted many customers bank accounts, and left them owing hundreds to their banks forcing them to have to close their bank accounts and switch to prepaid debits. Some customers were so badly hurt by payday king that they can never open a bank account again since their credit is horrible, and beyond repair.

A company like them should not be allowed to do business, yet they still fool people into doing business with them since most people do not know how they hurt their customers. However, this does not have to be you! When you use our company you will use a company that has been used by over 240,393 customers worldwide in the USA, Canada, and The United Kingdom. We are global because we treat our customers well, and never take more than you tell us out of your bank account when your paying back your loan. 

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