Many different people struggle to get the bad credit loans and funding that they want, since they do not have the know how to get the loan of their choice. These people often see that getting a loan is hard and give up instead of doing the best they can to improve their credit scores, creditor ratings, and debts to income ratios. However, quitting is the wrong approach to take, since in this lifetime, there will be a point or another in which you need credit to survive or thrive and if you are not in good standing with the creditors of the world, you will find it extremely hard to be granted that credit. Most people expect getting credit to be easy, however when they see it is not often they either quit trying for credit and live cash only lifestyles, or they let their credit problems linger, instead of nipping it in the bud immediately and quickly.  See the way credit works, is the faster you solve the problem, the faster your scores go up, and the more credit you enjoy. The slower you solve the problem it works against you and creditors see your application as an extremely risky one, and even if they do grant you a loan, it would not be for as much money as you would have gotten had your record stayed clean. This is why many people preach not having a bunch of debt when you get first credit card keeping credit utilization under 50 percent among other tips and tricks to keep your credit at a decent level. It is important that you remember no body gets something good with out some kind of work involved and your credit history and credit score is definitely not an exception to this very important rule. To get the credit you want, you must put the work in. Theres no way around it when it comes to instant loans.