Within 1 business day you could be finding as much as $50,000 in your bank account from our finances finances agency. But those payday loans amounts are given to our highest earners not average people. Average people more often than not did get approved for a loan up to $1,000 as long as they have the document that shows that they can pay us back as soon as possible. Some of the documents that you need to get a payday loan is employment verification stubs pay stubs state identification and bank account and routing number information. Finding funding can be difficult most people since most people don't have the finances in order and if they have bad employment history or bad credit scoring history both of which are subject to more scrutiny by payday lenders. You are serious about getting approved then you will be sure to have all your documents in order in regards to finance and you'll definitely have be employed and you'll definitely have a decent enough credit score of at least 600 minimum. We do not make this process easy because we only want the best people getting loans from our company not anybody. It can be a very beautiful thing when you apply for loan or website if your finances are in order because you can find the money come to you very quickly direct deposit. We have also giving away a lot of money and friendly and we will continue to do so as long as you fit the proper qualifications to be approved for a loan with us we strongly believe in long verification so we will not have any issue and long time with you paying back the loan that you take out with us. Some companies are so bad that they will approve anyone for long these companies usually for overnight and go out of business very quickly because for any business to run that has to be profits not just revenue. But if you are trying to apply with us and you find that you are not approved for loan the first thing you want to do is check on your employment history and credit history because something there will be unacceptable and you should fix it should you find yourself truly in need of our bad credit online loans.