Getting payday loans online for money emergency can be one of the greatest thing that ever happened to you. The reason why is so many people in America truly need loans to have a successful independent life.   but in order to get approved for high quality cash loan you need to fit a few qualifications first.  the first qualification is employment in. It is important because employment tells the loan lender that you will be able to repay the loan without any issues if you do not have an employment it'll be very very hard for you to get any type of loan.  many people struggle to get employment cause they do not have the experience for qualifications needed to get a job and keep a job.  for this reason and this reason only millions and millions of people find thimself unemployed and in need of a loan which is the worst place to be.  when people are desperate for loans it affects them physically and mentally,  and when people do not get the loans they desire life becomes much harder for them on and everyday basis.  some people start to resort to crime and are the illegal activities in order to get the funding they need if they cannot receive it traditional loans.  this is the reason you should always keep a meeting for employment so you do not have to resort to crime and other illegal activity to pay your bills.  is important in life to always have an next egg of money saved while you're employed so that if you fell out of employment you can easily pick yourself back up.  being employed is good but it is of no use if you are not saving your money consistently while you are in. Because when you run out of money if you don't have savings then you'll be in debt.  and it is a horrible feeling to be in debt with no means to pay your bills that are necessary.  the average part time employee in America make $200 hundred dollars a week in the average full time employee in America makes $400 a week. but the earnings not the problem it is the amount of money saved that is important.