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Know More About Short Term Loans
Most of us would like to feel that we’d be ready when an emergency comes along. But financial readiness takes time, planning, and most of all money. For those fastidious few who have been toiling and squirreling away funds for a rainy day, a sudden financial burden may not cause you to break a sweat. For those of us who have not, we would like to know there is some avenue of approach short of running to the local pawn shop with the family china. Short term loans can provide relief for just such an emergency.

What are Short Term Loans?
Short term loans are type of financial vehicle through which lenders afford small amounts of funds with a quick repayment cycle. Put simply, they are a great way to borrow some money in a hurry.

What are some types of Short Term Loans?
Short term loans can vary quite a bit from loan to loan. What they do have in common is short loan repayment times, typically small principle amounts (usually between $300 and $1500), and higher rates of interest on the principle than that of long-term loans. There are also a plethora of institutions that offer short term loans.
The first, and most common type, is a payday loan. Payday loans can be found almost anywhere, from internet based lenders to banks and check cashing locations. They are usually based on your salary or weekly paycheck, and often require a credit check. Some lenders will forego a credit check but may require you to provide pay stubs. Collateral is usually not included in this type of short term loan, because the loan is based on the recipient’s immediate income. Repayment date is most often the date of the borrower’s next paycheck.

Banks also extend short term loans to their customers. Banks tend to provide these loans only to customers, so you’ll either want to go to your bank or open a new account. Short term bank loan terms can vary from just a few weeks to a few months. While the interest rates remain higher than most long-term loans, they are not always as high as with payday loans.
Universities and some private businesses also give short term loans, but they are not as typical. University loans for students require current enrollment in the school, while private business loans are usually reserved for employees or affiliates.

Should I take out a Short Term Loan?
Short term loans provide fast, collateral-free relief. If you’re not sitting on a rainy day fund and have suddenly found yourself in a bind, they can temporarily shield you from inconvenience or discomfort. They are not, however, free money. And they should never become a routine. You don’t want to find yourself in a cycle where you already owe your paycheck to a lender each month. While short term loans can provide temporary relief, they are still a debt obligation. Your best bet is to start that emergency fund before the unforeseen happens. However, if you do find yourself behind the eight ball and you understand the risks, a short term loan can be a great tool to get you through a rough patch. Cash central installment loans are not good loans though and are a big scam.