Receiving the one hour loan online is the hardest part of the loan transaction because before you get to the final part of it where you will be granted the loan you have been waiting for you have to first go through extensive credit checks as well as income verification protocols so we can determine how worthy you are of the loan that you are asking for.

It is not an easy process for us as 1 hour loans by phone lenders to approve a borrower for the simple reason that if the borrower at any point refuses to pay back what we lent them we can end up taking a huge loss on the loan which will hurt our profit margins. This is why we always try to make sure we extensively vet each borrower who wishes to get funds from us.

It is a long drawn out process, and one that can take many many days, if not weeks before we can fully give our full confidence in the borrowers ability to pay back the loan that we lend them. This is the reason we always make sure to never guarantee the borrower anything through out the process we don't make any promises, since every thing including loan amount is subject to the borrowers income and credit worthiness.

If you have above a 660 credit score in general you can expect to do well, when it comes to getting approved for the loan you want, however if your score is under 600 you can have many many difficulties when you are trying to be approved for any kind of credit or loan products from any bank. Banks in general like to see, that you are managing debt responsibly before they try to give you more debt and if you have a history of not paying your debts banks are more than likely going to turn you down for a urgent cash loan today.