Another thing people do when it is time for them to apply for a 1000 loan no credit check is make sure all existing debts are either paid down or paid off BEFORE they apply for the loan. When you ask for a loan you are asking for our company to trust that you will pay us back and it wont be a loss to us. This is the reason many smart applicants who have gotten approved, made sure to pay down all debts before applying for a loan with our company. It works and can easily set you apart from other applicants who still have thousands of dollars of debt on their accounts. If you have thousands of dollars of debt on your credit report, you can still be approved for a loan or credit however, you will most likely be charged a higher interest rate since you have a record of being unstable when it is time to pay your debts down. As a lender we like stable borrowers, who take out only the exact amount they need and pay it off very quickly and easily. If you take out a loan you should try to pay it back in a maximum of 2 years. If you don't think you can pay it back within 2 years, most likely you can not afford the loan however you still want it just to have it. It is smart to be a smart borrower, and only take out what you need and can afford to take out. Do not be the guy who takes out money he can not afford then cries when its time to pay the loan back. If you think you can pay it off within 24 months, it is a good idea to take out a direct lender payday loan.