Getting a cash onehourloan in a smallone hour time period can be one of the toughest challenges any one seeking a loan can face and that is simply because it is not easy to get a loan with out credentials. The kind of credentials lenders are looking for include a low amount of debts in your name, as well as a good debt to income ratio of about 20%. Meaning that for every 100% in income you get monthly, you should also have about 20% of credit available. These are standard amounts for those who are serious about getting the loan of their choice with out bad interest rates, meaning if you make $1000 a month, you should have at minimum $200 a month in available credit. Many lenders will decline an applicants loan amount just for being in a position where they have a high level of debts which surpassed 80% of their incomes. It is not easy to get a loan when you have a high level of debt since the companies who lend out to borrowers, expect that the higher the level of debt a person has the more likely they are to default on their loan obligations. Therefore in general loan companies will not lend to persons who have a lot of debt they owe since those people most likely will try to find a way to not pay the debts or will use it as an excuse. If you reasonably need funds you are expected to maintain a LOW level of debt until you get the loan you want, and can afford to spend alittle more. The opportunity to get funds, is available for those who maintain low credit card balances and for those who keep most of their incomes and these are the people who get these benefits.