Being approved for the loan you want from loan sharks near me today does not just happen over night it can take time and be a time consuming thing. In order to get the funds you want you need to be approved which takes a decent credit scoring and history as well as a solid employment history of usually at least 1 year on the job, as well as a decent enough income to give the lender some kind of a guarantee that if they do decide to approve you loan application that you will do your best work ever in making sure that it gets paid off quickly and without a bunch of excuses or issues. Many people observe that paying off the loan early has the best effects causing lenders to feel better about approving you funds since when they see on your history that you have paid off the loan they gave you early this tells them you are the kind of person who takes the loan they gave you very very seriously and that you care about what they think and want from you as a borrower. This more than any thing else you can do will build trust and appreciation from lenders which will make them more likely to lend you the money you want at a faster pace. Many different lenders have different rules when it comes to lending money and it can be very hard to meet all the criteria when you want to get the funds. It is not that hard to get the funds you want however it is also not very easy either when you are trying to get the funds you want especially if you have not built up a decent income from your employment or a nice score from your credit agency helping you. Lenders are not there to coddle you they are there to make money from you. The faster you treat your licensed loan sharkapplication the same way you would treat you job application the faster you will get approvals.