If you are trying to recieve funding from loan sharks near me lenders or two it is important that you remember at the end of the day lenders are humans who want the same things from a loan applicant, and those things are

A stable reliable income
Many people apply for loans with businesses that are breaking even and not profiting or have more liabilities than assets all of which make them very high risk for lenders. Lenders are not interested in what you will do with the money, as much as they are interested in what you have done already with money in the past. If they see you are not the kind of person who has been good with money in the past, they have every right to assume that you will not be good with money in the future either and if they feel this this is the fastest way you will find your loan denied.

A history of paying down debts
Lenders usually do not care if you have debts, we all are human and we need money sometimes and lenders understand this, however lenders like to see you having a financial record of paying down your existing debts. Leaving the debt hanging is a no no and also a fast way to be denied the funds you want from the lender and the lenders reasoning is simple, if you do not pay your past debts you have incurred you are also very unlikely to pay down the new one given to you by the lender. The only way you can make them feel comfortable approving your application is having a history of paying down debt.

Accurate information on your application
If there is one thing lenders hate and rightfully so, it is an applicant who gives information to the lender and then the lender finds out it isnt true. Innaccurate information is one of the biggest reasons lenders deny applications so make sure all of your information is correct before you press the submit button and send your application for funds to the lenders who will be making the approval decisions.