When you decide to apply for a loan from a licensed loan shark on the internet you must understand a few simple and easy to understand concepts.

For 1: You are not there friend and they are not your friend either.

What this means is do not expect special treatment or privileges when you have a loan out with them they will treat you how they treat all the others who owe them money. You will be expected to pay on time and if you can not you will be scrutinized and penalized for it. What this means is they will not give you any love or niceties, they will be serious when collecting their payments and if they are on line only lenders they will threaten you with the judicial system in your location since they can not physically get you them selves. It is a serious thing to be on the end of a online loan sharks demands and many people gain additional weight, start smoking, or start losing money by gambling and playing lotteries to deal with the additional stress.

For 2: You are expected to pay on time every time you are paid.

When dealing with licensed loan sharks online there is no skimping out on payments, in fact often the first time you miss a payment you will be threatened with legal action and recourse from them as quickly as possible. And by the time you miss a second without notifying them they will be reporting you to the credit agencies and looking to affect you as much as they possibly can since you are being unreliable and not giving them their money back.

At the end of the day money given to you from licensed loan sharks online should be treated them same as any money from any lender and it should be paid back as quickly as possible if not you face numerous consequences.