Emergencies never knock your door with a prior intimation, and if you need money in such cases, then you find it hard to arrange that money. And if you have bad credit then organizing that money gets even more complicated for you. But thankfully some options can allow people to submit a 1000 dollar loan with bad credit application. This loan option is perfect for people, and it has many benefits that make it an excellent choice for individuals in need. Talking about these benefits, I am sharing some of these advantages below with you.   Quick approval: The best and biggest benefit of 1000 dollar loan with bad credit is that you can have its approval in a very short time. In most of the cases, you get the approval for these loans in less than 24 hours or even sooner than this. Also, if you have bad credit then also you get approval for the loan considered you have a steady job to repay the loan.   Easy Payment schedule: Loan with bad credit is also known as payday loan because you pay the amount to the lender on your payday. The most important thing about this method of payment is that you can decide the payment date as per your preference or comfort. Also, if you want to divide the payment in few installments, you can have liberty for that as well.   Help you rebuild your credit: Once you damage your credit rating, then you do not get any new loan, and you find it extremely hard to rebuild your credit. But you can easily get the bad credit loan, and when you do the repayment on time, then it increases your credit rating as well. Hence, this is another benefit that you can have with 1000 dollar loan with bad credit.    Easy to get: In order to get a loan, you have to do a lot of efforts in a number of ways. However, that is not an issue with the payday loan, and you can get it easily. In most of the cases, you can apply it online from any place, and you get the money transferred to your bank account. That means you will not have to convince anyone to approve the loan nor you have to feel embarrassed for your financial needs.    Along with these benefits, this loan also gives you an assurance of availability of finance in your needs. Unlike other lending options, you do not have to wait for several weeks or days for response or approval of the loan. This makes it the best choice to deal with your emergencies such as medical condition educational payment or house rent and keeps you away from a number of complicated and embarrassing situations as well.